The Ride the North brand identity was created for all consumer facing marketing and promotion of the region. It is to be used in accordance to the Brand Toolkit which is downloadable at the bottom of this page.


It’s no secret that chasing the snow North has been a tried and true tradition for generations of snowmobilers. It is just something we want to do – we want to go North and enjoy the authentic Canadian experience.

You want to be in a place that is as serious about snowmobiling as you are. You want crisp, white pow so deep it turns your stomach. You want trails so long and smooth that you forget there is a world beyond you and your machine and the trail.

You always thought there was something more. You were right!

The North is that place. It is the place that calls all those that seek more than just riding. It is as much a state of mind as it is a geographical destination. The North is the pinnacle of a snowmobiler’s experience.

It is here and it is now. And it is ready to show you what you’ve always known was just out of reach. Welcome to The North.

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